March 14, 2012

I’ve been ignoring this blog for three reasons. (1) I had a grand plan of converting the blog from WordPress to Drupal because I wanted to learn more about the inner-workings of Drupal, and (2) this was primarily a writing and genealogy blog. I’d taken a hiatus from writing. Writing was so much fun that I found myself neglecting other interests and in danger of becoming a couch potato. (3) I was in the midst of a distractingly painful recovery from a non-serious surgery.  I’m over that now. I still haven’t caught up on my other interests such as software, hardware, woodworking, gardening, yardwork, etc., but I’d like to start writing again and start posting some genealogy studies I’ve done.

I’ve given up on the conversion to Drupal for now. Last summer, I downloaded Drupal to the Ubuntu system I have upstairs. I got Drupal working with no difficulty. I built my child-theme and had it nearly done. Then one day the hard drive wouldn’t respond. It was dead, which wasn’t too surprising since I’d recycled it from an old well-used computer. I’d been careless with backups so all my Drupal work was gone. It wasn’t a total loss though. I had the knowledge I’d gained. My reason for converting no longer seemed worthwhile, so I made some cosmetic changes to my WordPress Azul child-theme. I think it is prettier.

What? Oh yes, the title of this post. The comments to the blog were badly spammed during my period of inattention. There were some really rough links to porn sites and a bunch of really stupid sales links in the spam. It took several hours to work through and delete them all.

For now, I’ve limited the ability to make comments and will be closely monitoring them from now on. I’d like to have a way to receive comments without becoming a major spam target. If you have suggestions, I’d like to hear them.

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