Marvel Family Data, continued

July 6, 2014

From the family trees, we learn that William Marvel‘s parents were Robert Marvel and Mary Smith. William had one known brother who died in Hendricks County, IN, 1889.

Robert Marvel, b. 1762, Sussex, DE, m(1). 1798 Sussex, DE, d. 1824, Sussex, DE
+Mary Smith

  • William Marvel, b. 1803, Sussex, DE, m. 1825, OH, d. 1852, Fulton, IL
    +Sarah Gregory Story
  • Robert Marvel, b. 1804, Sussex, DE, d. 1889, Hendricks, IN
    +Sarah Wilkins

According to the birth states of Robert Marvel‘s children listed on the Brown, Hendricks County, IN 1850 US Census, he had moved from OH to IN between 1834 and 1837. A matching Robert Marvel is listed on the 1840 census for Hendricks County, IN.

The father of William Marvel‘s wife Sarah was Marmaduke Story. Sarah had a brother, Marmaduke D. Story, who moved to Knox County, IL about the same time, or shortly after, the Marvels moved to Fulton County, IL. The families lived about 12 miles apart.

Marmaduke Story, b. 1772, Sussex, DE, m. 1797, Sussex, DE, d. 1856, Franklin, OH
+Rachel Baggs, 1768-1846

  • Sarah Gregory Story, 1805-1872
  • M. Henry Story, 1805-1857, OH
  • Joseph W Story, 1808-1891, OH
  • Marmaduke D Story, 1811-1897, Franklin, OH, Knox, IL (1850), Washington, IA

+Diana Ingram

  • Samuel C. Story, 1814-1899, Washington, IA

1850 US Census Township 9 N 3 E, Knox, Illinois
M D Story abt 1812 Delaware Male

  • Diana Story abt 1816 Virginia Female
  • Van Buren Story abt 1837 Ohio Male
  • Sarah E Story abt 1839 Ohio Female
  • Salathiel B Story abt 1841 Ohio Male
  • Hannah Story abt 1844 Ohio Female
  • Marmaduke D. Story abt 1847 Ohio Male
  • Geo C Story abt 1849 Illinois Male

Marmaduke D. Story, brother of Sarah Gregory (Story) Marvel, arrived in IL between 1847-1849 and settled in Knox co., IL. In 1850 M. D Story was listed in the IL township 9N, 3E. The Marvels lived within 12 miles south of them in the IL township 7N, 3E. Neither men can be found in the BLM land grant records.

The connections by marriage yield these surnames: Marvel, Story, Baggs, Ingram, Byers, and Creath. The search for a Cox marriage in OH, IN, IL using the surnames was negative.

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