Part 1 of A Weak Argument for the Parents of Camden District Dukes

February 5, 2018

Genealogists have struggled unsuccessfully for over a century to prove the ancestors of several apparently interconnected families of the Duke-Dukes surname who lived between 1750 and 1850 along the Wateree River and two of its main tributaries, Sawney Creek and Twenty-Five Mile Creek. Their homesteads resided in the Camden District of the South Carolina Colony. Today the […]

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Still Looking for My Great-Granddaddy Cox

February 15, 2016

I’ve been on a genealogical hunt for my great grandfather Joseph Cox for fifty years. Not continuously, obviously, but in sprints where I search hard, get fraustrated then put it aside for other pasttimes. The aside intervals sometimes stretched over multiple years. I’ve done the Y-DNA test with and know who Joseph’s distant ancestors […]

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Marvel Family Data, continued

July 6, 2014

From the family trees, we learn that William Marvel‘s parents were Robert Marvel and Mary Smith. William had one known brother who died in Hendricks County, IN, 1889. Robert Marvel, b. 1762, Sussex, DE, m(1). 1798 Sussex, DE, d. 1824, Sussex, DE +Mary Smith William Marvel, b. 1803, Sussex, DE, m. 1825, OH, d. […]

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Marvel Family Data

December 13, 2012

Our Joseph Cox is listed on the Joshua Township, Fulton County, IL 1850 US Census in the Henry S. Marvel household. William Marvel, living in Sussex County, Delaware by 1820, and likely of Quaker origins, the ages of their children listed on the US Census records show us the extended Marvel family, father William and […]

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John Cox, deceased 1838, IL; continued

March 16, 2012

According to probate papers, John Cox rented eight acres of Fulton County, Illinois land from James Cox. The BLM records list the following Cox land grants in the area: Nathan Turner, SESW S32, 09N, 01E, 4 11/03/1840, KNOX, IL Benjamin B. Cox, E2SE S33, 10N, 03E, 4 11/03/1840, KNOX, IL James Cox, W2SW S33, 09N, […]

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John Cox, deceased 1838, Fulton Co., IL

March 15, 2012

“A bill of Services for going to Lewiston to enter Into bonds for gardean [sic] also for binding Said Children or Six of them …” [transcript of an undated note found among the probate papers for a John Cox, deceased before 07MAY1838 in Fulton County, Illinois.] I found the probate papers while searching for one […]

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Another Robert Duke!

March 17, 2010

I’ve found another Robert Duke! But first, some background. A huge problem for anyone who studies genealogy is the fondness that our ancestors had for reusing names. Another is the persistence of bad information. I encountered both early in my studies. My 6-great grandfather Richard Burge is a good example. In the 1700s, three generations […]

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Genealogy Web Page

March 3, 2010

I’ve upgraded and modified my genealogy pages for their new home at The old home at is defunct after 10+ years. Perhaps this site will be more permanent. I’m trying something new with my Dukes of Camden District, SC genealogy note page. I use the pdf format rather than html. Pdf is supported […]

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